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Very Very Bad Service from Von Housen Sacramento,

I took my 1999, C280 to Von Housen Motors in Sacramento to have an wheel alignment done about a week ago. I made the appointment approx. one week earlier and let the Service Writer know the car was lowered one inch and that I had the adjustable castor/camber bolts.

The Service writter was nice and assured me that Von Housen was the place to take my Mercedes for the wheel alignment as they had the most experienced Tech's who would do a great, professional job and that it took about 1 to 1.5 hours. I asked if I could wait the the Service writter thought that would be OK.

When I showed up for my appointment at 9:15am the Service Writter, a different guy told me that the car would be done about 12pm to 1pm. Although I did not want to wait that long I figured if I get a great job it would be worth it.

So 2pm rolls around and I have not heard from the dealer, so I call and they tell me my car has not been on the rack yet and it would now be 4pm to have it done.

Again at 4pm I hear nothing form the dealer, I call and they tell me it won't be done today and they will come pick me up now. Another 1.5 hours, no driver, I call the dealer the the driver says He may not come because it is late. I am not happy. I don't have a ride, the cars not done and I am not sure what to do. I finally bum a ride from a coworker that takes them 25 miles out of there way.

The next day I wait till 10am, call the dealer, they have not called me yet, and they tell me the cars not done, call in a couple of hours. At 2pm I call again and the car is not done and they tell me it won't until 4:30pm. So I show up at 4:45pm and they don't have the car done and tell me it won't be done today.

I try to talk to the service manager and he won't talk to me after 3 attemps. I finally talk to the shop foreman and tell him I just want to take the car as is, NO ALIGNMENT. The shop foreman is professional but the Sevice Writter tells me I need to pay the 3hours it took for them to put in 3 bolts.

I tell the Service Writter I am not going to pay because nothing was done and it has taken 2 days for a 1 hour job. The Shop Foreman agrees and I take my car.

It drives like crap, the wheels are way out and they did not tighten the shock bolts down so the whole front rattled.

I have called to speak to the Store Manager twice in the last week and to date have not recieved a return phone call.



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