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Extra spring in 190E's auto trans

Hi I'm Randy and I'm just new to this list and boy do I need help!

I bought my first MB about 3 mo's ago, a beauty of a 1991 190Ewith about 137K on it. It appeared to have all dealer service since new.

While driving home a week ago my auto trans stopped upshifting. I got home OK and made some calls. I learned that the plastic governor gears were probably shot and could be replaced without removing the trans. after a few days of discovery and self discovery the gears are properly installed. This isn't too bad a job and I would be glad to walk someone through it if they have the same problem.

While in that period of discovery I had removed the cover of the pump that lies at the end of the governor shaft.. Although it probably wasn't necessary to have removed this cover, when I did I found the spring in question.

The spring is damaged on one end but is about 20mm long, 7mm in diameter and of .3mm wire. It was lodged in one of the pump ports. These ports are open at there bottom and one seems to lead to the smaller opening on the fluid filterand I have not discovered were the other goes. The spring does not have seem to have gone through the pump as it's not that damaged.

I spoke to a Mercedes trans repair shop in another state and they said that " yea that's what goes wrong when the governor gears go bad". They said it was easy to replace and said things about shifter plate and seperator and before long they were gone.

Now if you've followed this story long enough You may well know the answer.

Please tell me what to do. Where did this spring come from and how may I replace one like it to its home.

You may post to this forum
call 816-578-4924 I'll return the call to save charges
or come over Kansas City Missouri area (got Rolling Rock)

Thank you all,

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