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87 300E Rough Idle/Stalling

I have a 87 300E and I have been having some issues. The issue will not always happen. I can always start the car, sometimes I have to push the pedal other times it is just a turn of the key. After I drive the car for 10 min or so my car will start to idle rough (sometimes) when I come to a stop and will not stall till I push the pedal down hard. If I just push the pedal lightly I can continue to drive with a little hesitation and a rough idle. It seems sometimes I can put the car in nutral and rev up and it will idle out fine, then again sometimes the rough idle will continue. When it stalls out it takes 10-20 min of cranking and waiting before it will turn over.It also seems that when I am cranking there is NO fireing going on just turning. When it happens to start everything is normal and problem dose not return for a day or two.

I have replaced plugs,wires,cap,rotor,fuel filter,air filter,oil and oil filter. I would like to get some advice on where I should start next. May be someone has had the same issue. Like I said this problem dose not happen all the time, it's weird. any advice would help.

Thank You.
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