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95 E320 brakes

I just did the front brakes on my 95 E320. New disks, pads, sensors, repacked both bearings with MB grease per the CD manual, new rear grease seals, and flushed the lines. I adjusted the front bearing free-play usng the "tighten till the 3-lobe washer can be moved by hand - just".

When I took the car out for a test drive, the new brakes are grabby. It's been about 500 miles now, and it's slowly getting better, but still very noticable. Is this normal? Or is there something that I should re-check.

I never had this occur in all of the brake jobs that I have ever done in my whole life!

BTY, the new pads have the number of small holes in the metal plate integral to each pad, and the CD states that no brake grease is to be applied between the pad and the stainless spacer for this type of pad. I didn't use the grease based on the manual.

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