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First I would check the battery terminals and the connection between the wire from the battery to the starter solonoid. Sometimes the nut on the solonoid terminal gets loose and the connection becomes intermittent. Tightening the nut usually will fix the problem.

Turn on the headlights and try to crank the engine. If they dim as to almost go out, there is a high resistance somewhere in the starter circuit, usually at the battery terminals. If ther is no noticable dimming of the headlights, there is an open circuit either in the key switch nuetral switch , solonoid or starter.

If that's not the problem, I would put a voltmeter on the starter solonoid screw that has the wire from the key switch connected to it.

Then have someone turn the key switch to see if 12 volts is applied to the screw mentioned above.

If there is no voltage, there is an open circuit in the wires or the key switch or nuetral switch is not working properly. Try tightning the screw on the solonoid to make good contact to the wire connector.

If there is 12 volts at the screw and the starter doesn't crank engine, the solonoid might be bad.

These tests will only indicate which unit is not working when the starter doesn't work

It could also be a worn starter where the brushes are not contacting the armature with enough force or a dead spot in the armature..


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