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hydraulic lifters setting 190e 2.3

Have problem with setting hydraulic lifters on 86 190e 2.3.
The cylinder head was sent to machine shop for a valve job,
while it was in the shop I discovered that, according, Heyns
manual, any time the factory valve setting has been disrupted
by grinding valves or seats, putting in a new camshaft, or
lifters, the lifters must be adjusted to bring them to the
operating range. A special MB fixture plate and dial indicator shall be used to determin the correct thickness of upper retaing washer
and bottom tappet. The Heyns manual is does not discribe how
to do it, nor what the operating range is. MB offer upper retaining
washer and the bottom tapped in a few different thicknesses.
I asked MB dealer mechanic and MB customer technical support as well how to determin which size is correct for my cylinder head.
Nobody seam to know! I am getting always the same answer,
hydraulic lifters do not need to be adjusted. So my question is
why MB sells the hydraulic lifter's components in many different
thicknesses? Does anyone had the problem like I have?
Please help!
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