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can't turn off Traction control 94' SL500 ...

I knew they would pull that. I took it to Jiffy Lube for the Dynamometer emmissions test required in my county. The car kept trying to climb out of the Dyno. I pressed what I thought was the traction control button and a little red light lit up on the switch , so I assumed that that would turn it off. Anyway, I left Jiffy Lube and went to Mercedes...(talk about lowering your standards)LOL. They did a state inspection . Cool ! Oddly enough on my reciept it shows all the correct info for my vehicle untill I get to the state inspection part where it says "State Inspection 96' NON DYNO OBDII Inspection ." LOL! thats one way to get around it. Now , If I can just find that OBDII connector ....
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