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New 95 E320 Hd Gasket - Runs Hotter Now

I had an independent shop replace my leaking head gasket (M104 engine) . When I got the car back, it seems to run hotter at low engine rpm (and speed) as measured by the temp gauge on the dash. Head was re-conditioned including valve job. Also timing chain was replaced.

At 60 mph, temps are normal (outside temps to 90F), right around 90C, but when I stop, temps climb toward 100C or beyond, even at outside temps as low as 45F. They go down again at cruise.

Is it possible to mis-install a new head gasket so that coolant passages to the head are partially blocked/obstructed - or is it self aligning. Work was done at a very respected shop specializing in MBs.

I have checked all the usual things, thermostat, radiator obstructions, etc and all check good. Before the head gasket replacement, temps did not climb like they do now after stopping, and I am looking for advice before I go back to the shop. I have driven about 5 kmiles since the repair. Temps never get high enough to kick on the aux fans (107C).

Or am I just paranoid?


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