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Originally Posted by billhard View Post
If you are sure your system isn't leaking why not go back to R12? After I rebuilt the system on my 85 I charged with R134 and ran it for about 2 weeks until I was sure it wasn't leaking. Then I took it to a local AC guy who evacuated the r134 (even gave me credit for it) then charged me with R12. This wasn't cheap but it works really well.
For the record ...
Do you want to describe what you did with regards to the oil in the system ?
In other words... did you have to plan ahead and make decisions about oil based on what you planned to do in the future ?

The more usual way to check for leaks is to pressurize with Nitrogen and four ounces of R22 ( which the EPA allows you to vent legally )..
This would negate any potential oil compatibility issues .
And would usually cost less than having the R134a evacuated by a pro with the proper equipment charging for their time...
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