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it is an 84 300 SD.I need serious advice,please.To make a long story short,after an argument with my better half,I attempted to jump start my car.I noticed smoke rising from the vicinity of the alternator.I have replaced the alternator and battery.My battery(charging system)light either stays lit continuously,or flickers.When it flickers,I get some charging.Now it stays on all the time.I can jump off the car and it will run,but as soon as I try to let down a window,open the sunroof,use the turn signal, stays on.When I try to let down a window etc..the tach needle drops to 0,the fuel guage drops to 0,along with the oil pressure guage.Sometimes the starter tries to sty engaged after I release the key,and the radio hasn't worked since I changed the alterntor and battery.Any suggestions(other than a bonfire)?? Thanks in advance,
Dave Mullican
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