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Thanks for the good suggestions. Here is more of my views:

Onset of hotter operation was coincident with head gasket repair.

Fans are a-ok. Two speed operation as controlled by both high/low speed relays (w/wo dropping resisitor) are working - low speed kicks-in on A/C pressure switch command.

Examined interior of radiator at inlets - looks clean with no visable corrosion or gunk build-up.

Coolant quality is very good, no evidence of combustion products.

All engine compartment baffels are in-place and tight.

Is it possible to mis-align head gasket on installation? Is there an expected break-in period (with increased heat rejection to the coolant) after a top overhaul and head gasket?

Maybe this is not a problem, but it's different than before the repair.

As to the Vclutch, a search of the archives indicates that this is rarely a problem - but of course it had to come off to do the repair - is it easily damaged with dis-assembly?

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