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Cool Engine Lifetime !

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the help I have been getting on this forum. Really does help me keep my Merc 230E in good condition. I would appreciate a help on the following...

1) what is the usual life of a W124 engine (Merc 230E' 1990 model). My car has done nearly 350,000 kms and drives really well. No problems evident but I am a bit concerned as to weather i should be looking at any major engine jobs in the near future.

2) The Temperature gauge in the instrument panel is usually a little >80 degrees during the day time (40 degrees ambient). I find the car drives better during the evening's (34 degrees ambient) when the temp gauge shows <=80. The thermostat is marked 70 degrees.

3) The drive on my 230E seems jerky while the transmission is shifting gears, with the transmission mode switch is on "Standard" mode. The jerks are particularly strong when the acceleration is on the higher side. Any advice?

Thanks Guys .

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