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w202 idler pulley or shifter bushing problem?

just got my 95 c220 back from the body shop after a tree fell on top of my roof and wind shield (it happened 3 months ago, by the way). when i drove it home last night, i noticed the shifter was loose (it actually made a vibrating noise in the center console when i accelerated) and when the car pulled to a stop, you can hear a vibrating noise from the engine compartment (disappears when you stepped on the gas). i searched on the forum and it seems like the shifter bushing is bad. then i got a call this am from my body guy telling me that when they jacked up the car to do some work ( remember, a tree fell on "TOP" of my car.), they heard some noise and think that my "idler pulley" is going south that will need replacement (his partner is the mechanic). i told him i will get back to him. so what do you guys think. what kinds of sighs should i be looking for when the idler pulley goes bad. what about the shifter bushing? my car has about 11k miles. runs great. no major problems so far. what kinds of major maintanence stuff should i do now- a head gasket replacement?
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