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UPDATE: I decided to change the OVP

I changed my OVP the other day. I paid $58 for the OVP relay and installed it myself. I don't have anymore problems with the ABS light turning on and the car runs and starts fine.

In response to one of the replies about the dash lights...I don't think your OVP has anything to do with your dash lights not comming on, although don't quote me on that cause it's just my thoughs/opinion. My dash lights no longer turns on either. I suspect I have a grounding problem because now the whole right side of my instrument pannel don't work (the RPM guage, the clock, and the dash light). It stop working when I had the instrument pannel pulled out to change the light bulb. I should have just left it alone, did more damage trying to fix a $1 light bulb....damn I regret it. (I haven't fixed the NEW problem because of fears of doing more damage than good)
1986 Gold 300E 4Dr automatic
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