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300E running rad??

My trusty 300E is running a little hotter than usual lately. It has always stayed at 80-85C but lately was been wandering up to 100C at idle. On a few hot days, the aux fan has kicked on when the temp climbed even higher.

I've read through as much info here as I could and I've performed the following:

- new BEHR thermostat (87C)
- flushed the old coolant and added new coolant
- removed radiator and sprayed clean with a hose and then blew out any remaining debris with compressed air (I did this last bit from a distance so that the pressure would not damage the thin walls of the rad)
- checked all hoses, connections, etc.

The car is still running hotter than usual. It never used to climb to 100C. I thought cleaning the rad would do it as it was encrusted with bugs, dust and dirt but to no avail.

Before I buy a new radiator are there any other suggestions?
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