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Like Larry, I like to change my oil hot and change it often and I prefer that it drain overnight. I used to worry a great deal about residual oil in the pan until I discovered the same thing that jkmmrs found. I started propping my car up higher on one side. much like a lean-to. The oil seemed to drain much better.

I've had to cease using this method of oil draining, however. After an oil change in the BMW this past winter (the Benz had the garage space that night), I was cited by a City housing inspector for operating a homeless shelter without the proper social worker's license and certificates of occupancy. In addition, I guess the used oil from my cars is clean enough to fool some people. The reason I suspect this is that someone from Cal-EPA called to tell me that the oil that I was draining was apparently collected by the transient residents the City was concerned about and sold to our esteemed local MB dealer.

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