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I would greatly appreciate any help with a what appears to be a warm start problem:
My 94 E420 (62K-starmarked) is displaying the following (mis)behaviour:

After driving it for 30mins plus at speed of 65mph+(highway) and shutting the car off for a few minutes, it refuses to start again (engine temp>85F). It cranks fine and all of the instrument lights illuminate (suggest electrical system integrity) but it will not start. At 40F, it will start if you press the accelerator but shuts off if you discontinue fuel supply. Leave the car overnight and it starts fine.
Also, if you drive it around town, it restarts fine. There is something about 30min+ highway driving that it does not like (heat generation is larger, causing component expansion/ failure and fuel system malfunction??).
My dealer also kept it for a weekend, putting 300 miles on it and failed to replicate the problem.
Any ideas - it seems to have my dealer perplexed.
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