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Can anybody help me here?
I have a 86 300 E 158K. Very clean and I have been doing all the repairs on it. I have all the factory shop manuals. But my ongoing problem is this: Hot or Cold, I have an intermittend starting problem. I have changed fuel pump, fuel pump relay, accumulator, filter, cold start valve, Co2 values are correct, new battery, all sensors check ok. New plugs, wires, distributor, rotor,cap. All rubbers on vacuun lines are replaced. CIS/EZL Temp. sensor is new. Car apperars to have a very slight valve seal leak. Air Flow Sensor plate is adjusted correctly. Have NOT looked at Fuel Distributor Contol Piston yet. Could be getting stuck. Fuel pressure OK

The crancking duration is very long during this problem. And I also hear some sort of crackling/gurgeling noise from the gas tank. I checked the evap system, seems to be ok. It seems to run very rich at that time, when it starts. Acts like loosing fuel pressure, but yet sometimes tries to run backwards, acting like no ignition. The dealer doesnt seem to know, although they can hear the noise when you open the gas filler cap.

Please advise.

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