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83 300 DT Glowplugs/relay/alternator? Help!

Help Please!!! I have an 83 300 DT and can not get it to turn over, I gotta have this baby working by Monday. Drove home the other night and would not start the next morning. When you turn the key to heat up the plugs the light for them does not come on at all, or might flick on and then off immediately. If you unplug the glow plug wires from the relay the light turns on normally. I have tested voltage at the relay and it is good and I tested the ohms on each of the glow plug terminals at the relay plug and got .5 ohms which to my understanding is good. All the lights in the car work with no problem, and the car tries to crank but is not able to turn over. The battery is good. Is it the alternator? I am used to when the alternator goes out, none of the electrical works. I am just getting confused at this point.
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