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Hi everybody, new poster here. I have a problem that I know somebody has heard of before. I have taken the car to the shop several times and they just keep changing parts. Here we starts ok when totally cold just by turning the key however after sitting and cooling off for 30 minutes when I turn the key without touching the gas pedal it starts then dies within 1-2 seconds. If I turn the key again it will usually continue running fairly well. The only way to warm start the car is by pumping the trottle while turning the key. This is driving me nuts (have you ever tried to explain to a friend or valet that you gotta do it just so to start the car). I have changed the plugs, rotor, rotor cap, plug wires, all injectors, fuel filter, O2 sensor and air filter. There appears to be no vacume leaks. Car has 147000 and runs just fine besides this problem. Come on guys what are we missing???
Thanks, Alexander
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