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To answer one of your questions: adjusting toe does not change Camber. Camber changes as the toe changes but Camber is to be read at zero toe so it doesn't matter what the toe setting is to get a camber reading.

If you are happy with the driveability of the final result then there is nothing more to be said. I would prefer the caster to be less on the left side and the camber to be more. I would set it to min caster on the left to correct for the inability to go higher with the right. I also would try to achieve camber higher than the right in making this correction.

As Doc said all caster and camber adjustments change each other. I have no idea why the first guy made any change in camber. Both camber and caster affect the way the cars drifts or pulls. The car will go to the side of higher camber (more positive) and it will pull to the side of least caster. I usually place a half degree bias to the left in both angles. All based upon actual driving situation. In other words, if it goes straight don't change it too drastically.
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