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First things first, clear all the codes and drive it about 2 miles then proceed.

105 - data link connector

ignore this one for now

141-o2 bank 1 sencor 2

ignore this one right now too

720- output speed sencor circuit

run the test for the conductor plate in the tranny, this is done is actual values with the sds or compatable scan tool. If the sensors read way out or fixed, clear the code and retest, still out> replace the conductor plate.

1605- body acceleration sencor

clear it and see, this sensor is used inconjuction with the tranny turbine speed sensors for ASR/ESP.

600- serial link

Ignore this one for now

traction control :
can-traction system communication faulty
can-altitude correction factor from me
can- esp distorted

I'd put this one down to the speed sensors in the tranny "freaking out" which sends the ASR computer into limp home.

I'm thinking that the conductor plate is history however, the is a outside chance that the trannys inputshft bushings are gone allowing the turbine exicter ring on the drum to move away from the "sight hole" in the case. This is easy to check with the valvebody off, look through the bigger holes and see if the rings are fairly centered, if so, try GENTLY moving them away from the holes with a skrewdriver. If they move some but not a lot (1/2" is a lot) it should be fine.

There have been about a dozen updates on the .6 tranny for various reasons one of which being a bronze bushing in the input shaft failing, which allows the drums to walk away from the speed sensor sight holes. I've replace a lot more conductor plates than trannys for this problem. Check those sensors.

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