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Head gasket 1987 300TD?

Hello collective wisdom!

Pretty sure that I've got a blown head gasket, but I'm just putting it out there to see what y'all think.

Changed the tensioner assembly, which meant radiator, fan clutch, etc came off. Whilst the front of motor was exposed, I changed the lower radiator hose. Reassembled the whole she-bang and re-filled (or so I thought) with zerex coolant. Was running short on time, and in my rush, I forgot to do the whole fill on an incline thing. Went for a SHORT drive, 4 miles total. Temp was spiking, nearly off the top end. I figured that it was due to an air bubble in the cooling system ie: inaccurate reading. Drove very conservatively to my destination. Upon arrival/parking, there was a ton of engine oil puke-ing from somewhere front passenger side of block. Couldn't figure out where it was coming from due to being on freeway and oil being dispersed along the underside/left side of block.

Limped her home. Yesterday, oil spot under vehicle was pretty minimal (compared to the previous spot which was 6" x 20" spot). Wiped underside of vehicle as best I could to try to clean up oil and figure out where leak was coming from. Checked coolant level and found it low. Added water (had added 100% zerex day before). While filing reservoir, notice some oily sheen on the top of water in reservoir. Rolled up a paper towel and dunked in reservoir. Came out BLACK with oil. Ugghhh. Repeated test a number of times, same result.

Let me also mention that I have the #14 head...

Here are my questions;

I guess the only real way to tell if the HG is blown is to do a compression test, right?
In addition, I know that I can send for the oil sample test kit for the lab, I'm ordering today.
Vehicle runs nice and cool now, but obviously due to the oil in the coolant, and the #14 head, I'm very concerned.

Also, where could my strange oil leak come from? It's coming from somewhere below the level of the valve cover. Above the alternator, behind the water pump area. Plastic/fiber barrier wall between engine compartment and air filter area is soaked with oil at the very bottom...just can't seem to find the source of the leak...ideas?

Sorry for the long post, just figured I'd lump it all together since it all kinda started at the same time.

Thanks in advance,

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