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85 300d shaking/stalling/nailing

so, i have never experienced anything like this before: yesterday, i went for a short trip in my 300d. maybe 10 miles round trip, 60*F day. i pulled up to a stoplight, and the benz started shaking. my first thought was that my motor mounts, which need to be done, had totally given way. but when the light changed, i hit the gas, and the benz totally dogged--poor acceleration. i pulled into a lot, and checked all the fluids and obvious things. everything looked okay, although the temp was up a bit (~95*C). i pulled out again, and it revved up and shifted fine--no shaking, temp went back to normal. i got to the highway onramp, and once at the top of a long incline, it stumbled and died at the end of the merge lane. when i tried to start it again, i had to crank a bit and floor it to get it to start. it would barely idle (~450 rpm) with me flooring it and the oil pressure was about 1 bar, until the revs reached about 3k rpm, and then it revved just fine, and oil pressure pegged. i was low on gas, btw. thought i had run out (fuel gauge is finicky), but i heard fuel sloshing in the tank when i took the cap off and bounced the car. then, it started acting fine again, and i took off, only to have the same thing happen again a few miles down the highway. finally started again, and i went to the nearest diesel pump and filled up. behaved fine til i got home.

fuel filters? they only have a 2-3000 miles on them, but it seemed starved. i'm stumped! thanks in advance!
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