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i just had a compression test and leakdown 185,180,185,185 5%,5%,7%,5% (research for a now abandoned forced induction project). all numbers were good at that time. my mechanic will test both again and compare. i would assume it has changed for that cylinder.

i don't think i'm running lean because all the other plugs read normal to a little rich. i just changed plugs and they read as stated. the plugs i removed read the same. plus about a week before my problem started i adjusted the EHA to richen up just a bit. question: will hooking up an air/fuel meter to the o2 sensor be accurate since the senor is downstream of the precats? does the KE system have some compensation tuned in to counteract the effect of the precats.

i have another issue. while trying to determine if i have any vacuum leaks i found one. there is a nipple near the intake runner for the cylinder nearest the firewall that is sucking in air. it looks like it recently had a cover or hose on it. is there a hose that connects here or a cover or something? i can't finding anything.

86' 190e 2.3L 16v
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