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you want to read up before you work with base coat clear coat two part systems as the hardner contains cyanates cousin to cynanide.As in plating or reblueing a fire arm the finished result depend greatly on surface preperation.then you need to learn to use a gun with some degree of skill.
I have all the right equipment except a good booth,and can do a passable job after many years but I'm far from a pro. one of the secerets is in block sanding the primer with guide coats (guide coat paint can be bought at auto paint store in spray cans in contrasting color to your primer,it is sprayed over the primer holding the can quiet far from the surface and moving quickly so it covers in a light spackle pattern. Then when you block sand it will show you the low spots.You then reprimer re guide coat and block sand again.You keep repeating this sequence untill the are no more low spots, then shoot your base coat and then your clear'll be suprised what a nice job you will get after about 15 years and 2 tons of wet and dry sandpaper.....
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