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I do not think anybody mentioned the problems with color changes. Where do you stop? If you want it "right", you have to do everything and that is not easy. Under the hood, inside the trunk, door jambs--the list goes on and on.

Otherwise, I agree with most everything said by others. Like Larry, I painted a few cars in the "old days". At that time, some of the paints were very toxic and you had to have outside air to your mask. A charcoal filter was not enough. Maybe some of those have gone away but at least with some older paints, it could be dangerous for the home shop.

Some more problems if you plan to do it in a garage attached to your house. Overspray seems to get on everything! Also, some of the paints have a smell that seems to linger forever.

Most of the time, the sellers of automotive paint are willing to give advice. Check with them on the latest and they may even be able to tell you who will shoot final coat after you prepare it.
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