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In this case, a description will be more helpful than a drawing (which I don't have anyway).
The 'bracket' is simply an L-shaped piece of aluminum plate that you attach to the underside of the light ass'y to hold the motor shaft (same as old version). The size and location for your mounting bracket will be evident when you align the motor on the light ass'y. Line-up the motor for an appropriate sweep and mark the location. A piece of aluminum (approx .07") with one bend makes you the bracket; attach with a few metal screws. All of this can be done on your workbench.
If you optimize the wiper location for the best sweep area you'll also need to drill a new hole in the facia plate (plug the old one with a plastic grommet).
This job will take you a couple of leisurely hours (that's with a beer in one hand).
If you need more, let me know.
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