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You definitely need a new clutch. It's not real difficult, but there are two special tools for the job. With ingenuity you can work around your lack of those tools.

The first tool is nothing more than a bent piece of rod that's about 1/4" or so in diameter. It goes in a notch in the front of the timing cover and locks against a notch in the fan pulley or some other rotating part connected to the fan clutch. This keeps it from turning while you are loosening the allen head screws holding the fan to the clutch or the clutch to the hub, I don't remember which. Those allen head bolts have very little clearance between them and the radiator. This is where the other special tool comes in, which is a very short allen head to 3/8" drive extension.

What you might be able to do is lock the fan with the rod tool and then unbolt the clutch from the hub, get the shroud out of the way and get the fan/clutch subassembly out on the bench.

With a little ingenuity and determination, you should be able to accomplish the repair.

Good luck,
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