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Leaking Vacuum Pump

I am about to embark on a 8000 mile journey in my 190D.

I have been aware of an oil leak that until yesterday I thought was the oil pan gasket. It was minor enough (1 litre every 2 months or so...) that I wasn't in a rush to address it. Last week I had the engine shampooed so I could see exactly the source of the leak.

My mechanic says it's coming from two sources-

1. The vacuum pump gasket (where its connected to the crankcase.)

2. Somewhere on the vacuum pump itself.

He says if the diaphram goes, it will allow oil into my vacuum system. Sounds to me like disaster would ensue.

According to him, there is no rebuild kit available.

Cost of a new vacuum pump installed- $1000 Canadian.

Is he just scaring me? Is this really an imminent disaster? I asked him about a used one, and he says that any used pump is probably about to go too. Does this mean all vacuum pumps are on the verge?

I am looking at what it would take to install it myself, but can anyone shed any light? This leak has been present through 3 months of my ownership and 6000 miles.


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