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I'm not sure why you need the 500E assemblies if you mean by 'driving lights' what I call 'daytime running lights'. All Euro headlight assemblies are clear glass across the headlamps and fogs. Consequently, I use the fog section as daytime running lights - standard practice here in Canada, but a major annoyance to some drivers in the US (which you'll soon find out).
The fogs use a 55W H3 bulb which is plenty bright enough. However, I suggest installing the bulb-type with a slight yellowish hue. The yellow is only barely noticeable, but enough to prevent oncoming traffic from confusing the extra set of lights with high-beams.
If this is what you intended, the assemblies I referenced will do it. Or did I miss something, and you have another purpose in mind?


In relpy to:

One more quick question. Do you know the part numbers for the 500E lamp assemblies? This would give me the driving lamps rather than the fog lamps. I have a 98 300E.

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