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124 '90 Dead Sunroof


It seems my sunroof has finally gone on the disabled list.

Here’s what is happening and not happening.

Using since the roof is not moving, I tried using the emergency nut and confirmed the roof does move backwards and forwards. However, the tilt mechanism is not working. The roof goes up about ¼ of an inch and then I here and feel a clicking noise. Like the cable is slipping.

Before dying, the sunroof tilted less and less. It finally died while closing and I had to use the emrgency nut to close it.

Motor does get power as I can hear the motor try to move the roof – one small click.

Roof did not seem like it moved slowly when it worked. Also, the clicking noise would be heard when tilting the roof upwards at the stopping point. I might add that it probably needed some timing work as the roof would not stop at the close position. It would continue on to the tilt up position.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Not afraid of doing some things myself and I have found this forum to be most useful. Thanks to all the members for their input, I’ve come to enjoy my 300E from a mechanical perspective in addition to driving it.


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