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Originally Posted by mercmad6.3 View Post
that is why I said they are leaky things and the Air/oil cooler is better. The thermostat is a small spring device in the filter adaptor housing. It doesn't look like a thermostat but it is. We are discussing an engine in the UK here BTW and USA versions,as GGR points out,weren't fitted with coolers. Which is strange considering the high temps in part of the USA.
The air oil cooler works better but a lot of them will leak right at the bottom. The cooler is metal and it will rust if the car sees any salt. The 130 FI engine usually has an oil cooler. I've had many apart including the oil filter housing but I don't remember any thermostat in the housing - if there is one, I didn't see it.
Which cars didn't have oil coolers? USA FI versions had oil coolers. The 250 had the water/oil cooler and the 280 had an air/ oil cooler. The 280 non FI sedan didn't have an oil cooler but the 250 did.
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