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Ok, so Euro 500E headlights will fit my 1990 300E except they have driving lights. I know the technical difference between driving and fog lights - and I'm not sure what would be better. Here in GA I guess its mostly driving-light weather, but every once in a while when I need fog lights, I NEED fog lights. How much better is the pattern of the fogs compared to US stock and how? Do the driving lights give any side illumination or are they strictly long range?

I guess if I need range, the highs on the euro 300E should be fine, and I'll still have the fogs when the weather becomes adverse

What do you think? Whats the price difference between Euro 500 and 300E, and would you email me any info on them, THANKS A BUNCH.

Sorry this was long

PS. one last thing I promoise! How do I convert the US spec 9004 plug so it can accept the new H4? what wattage bulbs have you guys gone up to without damage?

Atlanta GA, USA
1990 300E
1989 BMW 735i
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