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Suspension work on 126 (87 420 SEL)

Hello everybody,
I am a new owner of an 87 420 SEL which had 45k miles on it when purchased in August.
As I haven't found a good mechanic yet in Mobile, AL (any recommendations?), the local MB dealer replaced the front brake support (1 drag link, 2 tie rods, 2 axle joints and 1 steering damper).
After I still complained about the noise from the suspension, I was told it needed new shocks all around and new rear sway bar links.
As they quoted 4 hours, I thought I tackle the job myself based on some archive search in the shopforum (thanks George Stephenson).
Now I have a few questions which are probably easy to answer for the pro's:
1:For the front shock absorber, the CD rom lists "auxiliary rubber ring (stop buffer) in 2 sizes based on when the car was built:
up to 6/88: 95 mm length
after 9/99: 105 mm length
However, the parts dealer tells me the shorter one is no longer available and replaced by part no. 2.
I will see which length is installed in my car when I take it apart, but assuming it is the smaller one, do I need to make an adjustment at the upper mount, i.e. do I need to screw the top nut in less (10 mm if possible) or did MB reduce the wheel travel by 10 mm on purpose?
2. Besides the rear sway bar links I also ordered sway bar bushings and new screws for the mounts. Can I work on one side each by lifting the car on one side and remove the link or will there be tension on the connection due to the lifted wheel/axle half?
3. I assume I can slide the old bushing to the end of the sway bar once mounting screws are loosened and the new bushing back in, right. Is there any lubrication for that bushing available that makes the sliding easier (except WD40)?
4.Anything else I should watch out for?
Thank you for your help.
Reinhard Kreutzer
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