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Engine Timing 110

This post started with EGR Defeat by me awhile back in Vintage Automobiles. It has expanded to more of an engine tiiming question. I would like to thank Peter and Chuck for their valuable responses to my previous post and hope they will follow it here as well.

The problem is in short my TDC markings on the camshaft to not match with TDC on the vibration damper. When at TDC on the camshaft, the damper marking read about 25 degrees ATDC. Know I know this sounds amazing, but is true. Although the readings on the damper are off the scale, the piston is at TDC physically.

In the 110 Engine Service Manual, Job 05-215 "Checking and Adjusting Camshaft Timing", it has a picture of the alignment marks on the camshafts which align with the marks on the cam towers. The exhaust valve is about at a 1 o'clock position and the intake is at about a 3 o'clock position. My engine is the same when aligned correctly with the markings.

At first I was thinking, but still may be the case of excessive chain stretch. But now am wondering if in time past, someone did not place the vibration damper on correctly? Is this possible?

My many thanks in advance.
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