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Does Check Engine Light Reset Itself?

Recently, the check engine light on my car has come on starting every few weeks, and now every day or two. Each time, I would count back the blinks (5 blinks), and then reset it, hoping that I would get to the mechanic soon to get it checked out. Over the phone, he told me it was nothing serious, and that I should just bring it in when it was convenient. Well, I reset it about a week ago, and sure enough, it came back. Since I planned on going to the shop in the next few days, I decided to not reset it, so that any stored codes would be available for the mechanic. Today, through no intervention of my own, the light turned off. Thinking that maybe the bulb burned out, I turned off the car, and turned it back to the on position, and it lights up. As soon as I start the car, it is gone. I then checked the computer to count back the blinks, but there were no stored codes. Does the check engine light reset itself after so many start up/shut down cycles? What else could have caused the check engine light to reset itself? Thanks in advance.
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