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with a remote starter my Blazer would take off on its own should I foget and leave it in gear when I park it ,probably drive it's self through the fence and run over a couple of cows.
When I took out the old 250 six with a three speed column shift and installed 454 with 400 tranny I did not want to spend the money for a B&M floor shifter so I fabricated a shifter from a 68 442 Olds the only GM car that I could find that had a mecanical floor shifter. After a little cutting and welding and grinding notches it works fine,however I did not put in the switch that prevents it from starting in gear ,kind of handy if you stall on a hill with a trailer loaded with firewood,but no remote starter for the old girl. Always thought they were kind of creepy anyway.........
William Rogers......
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