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Larry, What about the H1 units?

Sorry to sound like a newbie.. but am I right to assume that the 116/107's sealed beam config is like the W123's? As in one of them is for lo/hi-beam and the other is a fog light? (for each side)

It seems that they sell a separate H1 High beam unit (5.75"). How would he go about replacing the fog light unit with an H1 high beam unit?

Thanks Larry,


I'd just go and get the CIBIE E-Code 5.75" H4 first and replace the main sealed beams and see the improvement before getting the H1 units.

I use Philips' Vision Plus H4 55/60W and they are pretty bright!
BTW, I checked out the new Mercedes G500's and inside their 7" headlights I saw Philips' premium H4 bulbs..
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