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Linkage issues are solved, the spring was too stiff. A Help! Pack of throttle return springs later I found a better one. Stiffer than stock, but tractable.

Once the first drive high wore off, I noticed the flat spot. After a couple of calls to Redline technical support, I ended up advancing the timing aggressively to raise the idle so I only use about 2/3 turn on the throttle stop screw. Any less than that and sheíll die. Guy on the tech support line claims that more than Ĺ turn exposes transition holes, but I donít buy that. Car just wonít idle right under ĺ turns even with aggressive timing. If anyone has a shelved DGAS, can you please confirm how many turns of the throttle stop screw does it take to expose the transition holes?

This minimized the flat spot to almost imperceptible on flat road. On a low speed, off-idle ramp start it is present and pronounced. I am suspecting the ignition advance is coming in late. No vac advance to help it under load. All of a sudden I have a low-vacuum, high-fuel condition with insufficient advance. If there revs are high enough, there is no flatspot, even o a ramp.

Distributor is stock for a 73 280. I am thinking of popping a Petronix/Hot Spark module to get rid of the points. Any thoughts on improving the advance curve? I need more advance at lower revs, tapering off sooner. I think max advance if fine for now.

On another note, would a noisy chain impact timing in any way? Less than 1 degree of stretch at the crank, but Iím guessing that itís not as tight as it can be while running.

Letís get a discussion going, guysÖI know that some people went down this road with mixed results. I think that itís worth a second look, so Iím contributing everything I find in order to get these beautiful machines running right.
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