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86' 300E hard starting when cold

Hi everyone!

I have been on this mission for the past week so far to determine why my 86' 300E has trouble starting in the morning or any other time the engine is cold. It has to crank for 2-3 seconds before starting but it seems that when it has been driven recently and I go to restart it has no problem.

So far I have checked the fuse in the OVP, it looked good, but I replaced it anyway. That hasn't helped my problem.

My question is what do I check next- cold start valve, engine temp sensor, fuel accumulator, etc? Also how do I check these items, I have heard most of them are fairly mild DIY obstacles, I simply need to know where they are located. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I tried leaving the key in the "on" position for 5 seconds before cranking it when cold, that did nothing. Also, I do hear the fuel pump buzz for a brief moment every time before I fully turn the key to start. And the car is always garaged at night in middle temperature weather typical of Southern California.


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