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update, still rough but better

I replaced the 3 boots and 6 plugs last night--old gaps were 1mm. I reset all codes. (Bad news: the well down to #6 plug, under the coil, had a liberal coating of orange powder. Rust?? Maybe water somehow backs up into the trough from the rear of the engine and goes down the well.) Anyway, it idled better but not perfect and missed erratically under accel. I put in a bottle of techron and filled tank this am and did my best to give it an Italian tuneup on the 30-mile commute to work. Runs fine cruising and above 4000rpms. Seems to accelerate a bit better now but still misses irregularly at idle. The check engine light did NOT come back on. So, could it be bad plug wires, the other 3 resistors at end of plug wires, bad coil, or crud in the throttle body (pretty icky down there) or the egr valve? Is there an easy way to remove the throttle body from under the manifold? Thanks!!
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