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I just got a phone call from Jackie at MB Client relations and she had talked to the Service Writer who had worked with me.

Von Housen claimed that my car has a special case because it had Eibach springs on it and aftermarket shocks.

So the alignment work was harder, more technical. Von Housen said they had to install the camber/castor bolts and that I wanted the bushings replaced. And that I had special spec's to align the car to that were very special.

Well, I brought the Castor/Camber bolts with me and told them to install them; and I never asked Von Housen to replace the bushings, (they wanted $600). I just wanted an alignment.

Regardless of the springs and shocks on the car the adjusters for an alignment still operate in the same way. So I do not see any reason why doing my car would be so difficult.

I am right on these issues?

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