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any honda experts

Helping my neighbor work on a 88 Honda Prelude (UK Spec E reg) with automatic transmission. It has a speedometer problem the needle donít register and the S4 light flashes on now and then, he got the car like that. The following is what Iíve done maybe youall got any ideas it should not be that much different to the US models:

1. The speedometer cable housing is a two piece type we took this apart and check the cable (snake) inside.

2. Pull the one from the front going to the dash out it is ok and in one piece.

3. The one going to the transmission is tight on the trans and not coming out, this is suppose to be like this, there is a clip holding it in. I took the clip out and pull the housing out, turn one of the end and it turns, put it back and seat it.

4. We jacked up the car and I turn one of the wheel, cable moves, turn it the other way, the cable move the other way! What givesÖ

5. Put the assembly back together and took the car for a road test the speedometer still donít work the S4 light still flashes, I am stomp over this one.

6. Oh about the S4 light, when I looked at the owners manual it said something is wrong with the transmission and to take it in to a Honda service department. I check the fluid and itís ok color, smell and level.

7. Any ideas is appreciated.

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