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C43 AMG Transmission Question

Hi all:

I know this was discussed before, but forget where. In any case I'm changing the transmission fluid on my 1999 C43 AMG at 41,000 miles. I know from previous posts that I should do this; despite MB's silly recomendations, .

But, should I also change the filter and the pan gasket at the same time? Is there really any more danger opening up one of these electronic transmissions than other tranny's?

Also, I spent $160 for tranny fluid at the dealership for this change. This seems too high and I'd like to return it unopened.

Anyone know exactly what brand of synthetic fluid I can 100% safely use for the change (or any synthetic fluid that is better than MB) and where I can get it?

Thanks in advance for any help!

By the way I changed the differential fluid yesterday at the same mileage against MB's advice. Good thing I did. The old fluid was black and had metal flakes in it.

1999 Black on Black C43 AMG

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