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Well, someone may have an interesting issue with the Secretary of State's corporations/fictitious name group, but Silver Star in Sacramento is an independent shop, probably wholly owned by John and not affiliated or related to the Silver Star in SoCal you refer to.

As posted by someone else earlier, John runs a great shop here in Sacramento. He may have some problems as some of the newer cars come off warranty; there was some discussion in this forum awhile back about the manufacturers not sharing maintenance/repair information with independents which might apply to John. Also, I'm not sure about the resolution of some issues regarding trademark/tradename and information, training and tools specific to the newer cars raised in a lawsuit brought by Von Housen against another independent MB technician here in Sac (the one run by Von Housen's former service manager). Bottom line, though, I think John is drop-dead honest and just as importantly, he and his people are very good at diagnosis and the work.

Let's make sure the distinction remains between John's shop and another shop in another part of the state.

From the information posted about the subject matter of the original post, I don't see how Mercedes or Von Housen could defend the service you haven't received. Someone should simply fess up and either say that they couldn't do the work because of your specific setup and to have told you they could was an error, or admit that they gave you a wall job. You took your car there, you told them about your suspension, they said they could do the work. They didn't. You're not wrong.

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