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'86 300E - Which Brake Pads? Opinions, Please

I need to replace the front brake pads soon and I'd like to get some opinions on the pads that FastLane has available. I've only heard of a couple of them before, but otherwise know nothing about the quality or performance of each brand. I like to drive moderately hard when I can and occasionally tow a small tent-trailer without brakes of it's own, so I'm looking for the best braking performance and highest fade resistance. Do any of the following fit those requirements?

Textar $44.41

Pagid $47.29

ATE $40.91

Jurid $39.47

PBR $32.44

Which brand does Mercedes use?

Any opinions on the Porterfield carbon-kevlar pads? Are they worth the $159? Their web page shows pad for the 88-89 300E, but not the 86. Will they still fit?

I'd also like to replace the original rubber brake hoses with braided lines. Does anyone make them for this car, or do I have to have them custom-made?

Thanks for your help.

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