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Thumbs down ACC Sampler blower motor not samplin'!

I've noticed lately that my AC system has been blowing either really cold (wheel all blue), or really hot (wheel all red) -- nothing in between. Turning wheel to white area does nothing, so I put the AC sampling grid (on dome light) to the tissue test and it failed -- no suction at all@!

So tonight I pulled the sampler motor from behind the glove box expecting to find a dead motor, which wasn't the case. It seemed to be pulling plenty of power ... fins were turning pretty well, but there was still no suction even at the tube leading from motor. I pulled it out, cleaned it up well and re-installed it with no luck.

Then I wondered, how does this motor produce any suction when the fan is exposed like it is?! Is there supposed to be a shroud around this little motor's fan blades? I'm guessing not, because mine looks just like the photo that WorldPac provides.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


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