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Originally Posted by 1980sd View Post
If something BAD happened now. Say something that just stopped civilization in it's tracks.

And say that the last motor vehicle (Petro IC) to ever run on planet earth managed to stay running for the next several years, decades, whatever and then suffered a failure that silenced it FOREVER.

What car would it be?
Ha, I just spent a pot of money betting that it's going be my baby blue 240D with the rebuilt engine! Every time I stop in at Bearing Service I ask whether he's built any more W123 engines... nope, so far I'm the last.

- '79 240D - engine swap complete! Engine broken in! 28-31 mpg! Lovin' the ride!
- '86 190D (W201-126) - 2.5 NA engine, 5 speed, cloth interior, manual climate controls, 33-34 mpg (sold to forum member).
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