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I've always enjoyed the bits of quality in our interiors which you don't find anywhere else (well, maybe Rolls Royce)

My 190E's B-pillars (which hold front seatbelts) are covered from bottom to top in leather (might be MB-Tex to match my interior), as are my C-pillars. So were the W126's I drove recently. On the later MBs I have seen, particularly a 1998 W210 E300 Turbodiesel, this isn't the case, and the B-pillars (I think C-pillars too) just use the same rough felt as used for the roof lining.

At what point did Mercedes start cutting back on the use of quality interior materials, and has it returned on any of the new models?

I've seen no other cars with quality covered B and C pillars, but while I haven't looked that hard, it's certainly not on the latest BMW 3-series and 540i and our Audi A8 (surprise, that one, rest of interior is lovely) though all have leather seats. Anyone know any other quality interior cars?

I'm sounding fanatical, but I'm not, I just hate such obvious and blatant accountant-pleasing at the sacrifice of MBs tradition and reputation.

My interior, crap picture:
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